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  Escape Room Inc is a great way to spend a birthday party for teens and adults alike. With 2 great rooms to choose from, an event space available for rent, and our casual food...

Field Trips

We know that teachers and coaches are hard at work teaching their students the skills they need to be successful. We also know that sometimes the classroom or locker room can get a little boring....

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Select your team – Select your scenario – Put 60 minutes on the clock!


Stretch your legs after a long week at the desk with an awesome Team Building event. Get to know new co-workers, challenge the company across the hall, or bring a focus group together for time away from the daily grind. Feel free to relax and bring some drinks with our BYOB policy (we card).

Choose between Diamond Heist or Chancellor’s Office and race head-to-head with the other team. Both scenarios include state of the art puzzles, riddles, gadgets, and locks that must be solved in order to progress through the scenario. 

This immersive puzzle game will demonstrate people’s individual skills and strengths while challenging their team to meet a common goal.  While the object of the game is to escape, the goal is to communicate to work through the different puzzles and challenges presented to the team. Since different people view the challenges differently, you will need to listen and cooperate with your entire team to escape with the desired items…and of course…the bragging rights.  After your team building exercise debrief and discuss what you got from the experience. 

Escape Room Inc conveniently offers a spacious lobby and an event space available for rent to make your event even better! If you are interested in booking a group or an event space you can purchase tickets HERE. If you have any questions, please call or email us at