The Chancellor’s Office Meets Penn State

The Chancellor’s Office Meets Penn State

Considering Escape Room Inc is in the heart of downtown State College, the decision to create a room with some Penn State flare was unanimous. This room was actually the first room open at Escape Room Inc and it is called The Chancellor’s Office.

In this room, the objective is to find a document and escape before the time is up.

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Here are some Penn State Fun Facts for you by Bianca Santalla, a former tour guide.


Penn State Fun Facts:

  1. Penn State’s original school colors were black and pink not blue and white!
  2. The Nittany Lion was not always the mascot! In 1863, the first mascot was a mule named Old Coaly. He remained the Penn State mascot until his death.
  3. When the school first started, students had to contribute a few hours of their time. In addition to class, the students had to participate in some manual labor every day.. Specifically, they were working on building Old Main. To help them, they used mules to haul the stone up from the quarry. One of these mules was Old Coaly! The quarries were located downtown around where the Corner Room is now.
  4. The Nittany Lion (the 1940 class gift) is the second most photographed landmark in Pennsylvania.
  5. Beaver Stadium makes it in the top five biggest stadiums in the world.
  6. Beaver Stadium’s record crowd of 110,823 occurred this year on October 21, 2017 when Penn State defeated Michigan in a 42-13 victory.
  7. Evan Pugh was the first president of Penn State, which was then known as the Farmers High School.
  8. Old Main used to be the entire campus of Penn State. The students and faculty lived there, worked there, and attended class.
  9. Back when students used to live in Old Main, they liked to pull a few tricks. When it was cold, students would sneak up to the bell tower at night. Once up there, they would flip the bell over and fill it with water so that it would freeze. Why? Well, then the bell couldn’t ring. If the bell couldn’t ring, it couldn’t signal classes. Just like that, the students could have a day off. Unfortunately, the bell is automated now so no – students can’t get away with it now.
  10. About 43,000 people walk through the HUB every day.
  11. If you stand outside the library, looking down towards Downtown, it may seem familiar! This part of campus was modeled after the National Mall in Washington DC. The grass is meant to act as the reflecting pool. Also, if you look back up at the library, that was modeled after the Lincoln Memorial!
  12. Thomas Building has the largest lecture hall at Penn State. It seats 725 people.
  13. 1 out of every 117 Americans with a baccalaureate degree is a Penn State graduate!
  14. 1 out of every 9 Pennsylvanians with a baccalaureate degree is Penn State graduate!
  15. THON has raised a total of $147,703,369.10 since 1973. Let’s see how much higher this number gets after THON 2018, which is just around the corner!




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