Interested in Hosting a Fundraiser in State College?

Interested in Hosting a Fundraiser in State College?


Are you part of a club, Greek life organization, or THON org that is interested in fundraising? Come to Escape Room Inc for your fundraising event!

Escape Room Inc is a perfect activity to have fun and bond with your friends and fellow members while also raising money for your cause.

Book a group of 24 or more people on a day of your choosing and receive 15% of sales for that day!


How It Works:

To begin setting up a fundraiser, have your organization email us at!

After confirming a group of 24 or more people, we can work to schedule a day for your fundraiser that works with your organization.

Next, your organization will receive a promo code that each participant will individually present when purchasing his or her ticket at checkout.

On the day of your fundraiser, as your friends play the rooms, the other members of your organization can use our lobby! Whether you want to use it for a meeting or just to hang out, the lobby will be available. We have Connect 4, Uno, Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, and other fun things to play with as you hang out and wait for your chance to escape the room! Each group that enters that day will be greeted and instructed on what to do by our Game Masters. Once each group is ready, they will have 60 minutes to try to escape the room!

At the end of your designated fundraiser day, you will receive a check for 15% of sales from people who used your promo code at checkout.

It’s that easy! If you have any questions regarding the Escape Room, feel  free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us!



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